CRS - Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services Waiting List

As of 9/20/2023, the number of consumers with an IWRP and Waiting for CRS funds is 17. The average length of wait does change during the year.

Put your private "Case Identification(ID) number" in the box below and click on the Search button to find your place on the CRS Waiting List:

Case ID:

It is impossible to predict how long the wait for CRS funds will be for any particular consumer, but you can check your progress. As consumers ahead of you on the list receive funding, your number moves towards number 1. Each time you check this site you can see if your case is moving up on the CRS Waiting List. Talk with your counselor if you have any questions about this process. Consider looking at this list once a month.

Once you have selected service providers for rehabilitation you can share your “Case Identification (ID) number” with them. Then they will be able to follow along with you to view your progress on the waiting list. Once you do receive funding, your case file number will no longer appear on the list and you will begin receiving purchased rehabilitation services.

See below to view the CRS Waiting List.

Cases with the same IWRP date are numbered according to the time of day the case was signed in the case management system, ReHabWorks.

Number of Consumers Waiting for CRS funds is: 17

Place on the CRS Waiting List Case Identification (ID) Number Original IWRP Date
1 1812748 7/3/2023
2 1812722 7/24/2023
3 1812471 7/27/2023
4 1812464 7/31/2023
5 1812759 8/4/2023
6 1812723 8/22/2023
7 1812510 8/22/2023
8 1812874 8/25/2023
9 1812873 8/25/2023
10 1812875 8/25/2023
11 1812728 8/28/2023
12 1812710 8/28/2023
13 1812841 8/28/2023
14 1812974 8/28/2023
15 1812744 9/1/2023
16 1812887 9/14/2023
17 1812884 9/20/2023